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CANDLELIGHT: New Releases in 2014 – Krieg, Winterfylleth, Burzum

Candlelight Records is gearing up for a busy autumn with planned releases from Winterfylleth, Burzum, and Krieg set to kick things off in September. Preorders via itunes, Amazon, and other physical and digital outlets will begin in early August. Preorders via the label’s official North American webstore and Bandcamp page will launch August 1.

Silent for nearly four years, US black metal icons Krieg will present their seventh full length recording Transient on September 2. Metal Sucks says “Krieg is all about mood. And that mood is suffocating and bleak.” Blabbermouth calls band leader/founder Imperial (aka Neill Jameson), “a master of the sonic conveyance of dread and hopelessness.” Featuring Jameson with studio guitarists A. Poole and D. Zdanavage, bassist D. Sykes, and drummer J. Dost, the album also features guest appearances from Dwid Hellion (Integrity) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth). Jameson notes, “this is the first album we have done that features a band that has worked together for an extended period of time that had a fully realized vision of how the record was supposed to sound.”

Transient features eleven new songs, including a remake of Amebix’s “Winter.” Jameson says, “there was never any idea to stay within the confines that black metal has become. This was liberation. It is probably the most ‘black metal’ record I’ve done in almost ten years.” Like prior albums, Transient is full of personal reflection. “This record encompasses another autobiographical gallery of a life misspent, a negative existence,” shares Jameson. “At its core, it is probably the most miserable and anger-fueled thing I’ve ever put to tape.” Touring is set to be announced shortly. Visit the band’s official Facebook page for complete details.

Winterfylleth advances their global rise with the release of their fourth full-length album, The Divination of Antiquity, on September 16. Pitchfork says, “Winterfylleth’s take on black metal is as cold as any Norwegian son.” Stereogum’s Michael Nelson boldly notes, “I’ve never understood why Winterfylleth aren’t one of the biggest black metal bands in the world.” Eight new vitriolic anthems gorged with the band’s technical precision await a growing international fanbase. “I feel like we’ve really put our all into this record and that it shows through in the final songs,” says vocliast Chris Naughton. “it’s the first record where we’ve truly come together and written it as a band, pouring over songs for weeks to get them just right. I guess we felt a bit more pressure this time but we really turned that into something positive.”

Since their formation in 2007, England’s Winterfylleth has conjured moods and emotions that range from vicious and violent to melodic and elegant. The band recently contributed to One And All, Together, For Home; a special compilation (Season of Mist) that finds the band performing their version of the old English folk ballad “The Three Ravens.” The acoustic number illustrates the heavy historical influence that has always been at the core of the band’s lyrics. With UK dates alongside Behemoth set for early winter, Winterfylleth’s siege is indeed full-throttle. “We have made a quintessentially Winterfylleth album on Divination,” Naughton continues. “but we’ve also shone light into a few dark corners and pushed the envelope on what we can write as a band; bringing in different tempos, some slower songs and a few doomier influences. For me this represents that band at our creative, visceral, and collaborative best.”

Burzum’s The Days Of Yore continues the controversial musician’s post-incarceration output of recordings. In stores September 2, the album follows the ambient and haunting sounds of Burzum’s most recent releases. Inspired by Varg’s extensive knowledge of European history, it continues his explorative sound and lyrical works. He says, “it is my first step towards something new, which at the same time is as old as the roots of Europe. I try to transport the listener to the days of yore, to make them feel the past that is still alive in their own blood.” Released in Europe a few weeks ago, the American release will allow fans to purchase the album at normal domestic prices.

Other recordings planned by Candlelight for the autumn include the second full length from Falloch and the anticipated new album from Orange Goblin. The label’s latest releases include Corrosion of Conformity’s IX (in stores today), Emperor’s In The Nightside Eclipse/20th Year Anniversary (limited edition digibook released 6/24), and earlier label debut’s from Earth Crisis (Salvation of Innocents, out late March) and The Wounded Kings (Consolamentum, out late March). The label is already looking at 2015 recordings from Vision of Disorder, Sigh, Demon Lung, Abigail Williams, Absu, and more.


EARTH CRISIS: Lyric Video From Salvation Of Innocents Released

Salvation Of Innocents, the epic new album from Earth Crisis, is nearing release worldwide, its street date for North America now slated for March 18th.

The focal point of Salvation Of Innocents is aimed at ending human injustices towards animals and the environment in the ever-antagonistic Earth Crisis style, and as boldly exemplified in the brand new lyric video for the album’s second of twelve massive tracks, “Out Of The Cages.” Through underground activist footage the band’s lyrical intent with the song is unquestionable, and their vibrant, modern tone is ultra apparent in the musical backdrop for of the video. Stated guitarist Scott Crouse of the track, “‘Out Of The Cages’ is one of my favorite songs on Salvation… Everyone watch the lyric video, and do your homework, because it’ll be a live set staple for sure.”

Revolver today helped let the new Earth Crisis message “Out Of The Cages” AT THIS LOCATION.

Preorders for the CD and LP versions of Salvation Of Innocents can be placed HERE, and via iTunes HERE.

Next week, from Friday, March 7th through Sunday the 9th, Earth Crisis will tackle Baltimore, Maryland, Amityville, New York and Quincy, Massachusetts on a quick run in support of Salvation Of Innocents with support from Gut Feeling. More widespread live appearances will be announced shortly.

Earth Crisis Tour Dates w/ Gut Feeling:

  • 3/07/2014 Charm City Art – Baltimore, MD
  • 3/08/2014 Revolution Bar & Music Hall – Amityville, NY
  • 3/09/2014 PRC – Quincy, MA

The seventh official studio full-length from Syracuse-based vegan straightedge hardcore pioneers, Earth Crisis, and the band’s first release for Candlelight Records, Salvation Of Innocents was recorded by the band themselves then mixed by Zeuss (Agnostic Front, Terror, Hatebreed), thundering with twelve brand new anthems which boast some of the band’s most modern-sounding and streamlined material as well as some of their most epic elements to date. Conceptually, Salvation Of Innocents is paired with a comic book by Black Mask Studios, founded by Matt Pizzolo (Occupy Comics) with partners Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion) — entitled Liberator,which brings the book’s main character and the Salvation of the Innocents vivisection concept together in a commanding graphic landscape through original cover art from Chicago-based illustrator/painter Menton3 and additional illustrations by Rod Reis, Javier Aranda, and Joaquin Pereyra.


EARTH CRISIS: Unveils Salvation of Innocents

Candlelight Records today confirms March 3 for Europe and 4 as the North American release date for Salvation of Innocents, the label debut from hardcore/metal pioneers Earth Crisis. Mixed by Zeuss (Agnostic Front, Terror, Hatebreed), the album and its lead single, “The Morbid Glare,” will be available for pre-order via iTunes and other digital platforms beginning January 20/21.

Salvation of Innocents features twelve new tracks from the Syracuse-formed band. Production of the bold concept album offered the respected five-piece an extraordinary recording experience. Guitarist Scott Crouse shares, “the process for this album was new for us. We did most of it ourselves. The absence of pressure having to get things done by a certain time each day really gave us the freedom to try new ideas and critically listen to the songs. From the music, to the lyrical concept, to the comic book that brings the lyrics to life, we think we’ve created something pretty unique.”

The comic book Crouse mentions is the pairing of EC with Black Mask Studios’ Liberator comic. The hard-edged vigilante comic series will release its fifth edition simultaneously with the release of Salvation. The Matt Miner created comic brings its main character and the Salvation of the Innocents’ vivisection concept together in a commanding graphic landscape. Black Mask Studios co-founder Matt Pizzolo says, “it is crazy to me that it took twenty years for comics to produce a set of animal-minded vigilantes strong enough to roll with Earth Crisis. It is probably the most perfectly aligned superhero team-up ever.”

Salvation of Innocents and Liberator will share original cover art from Chicago-based illustrator/painter Menton3. The comic will feature additional works by illustrators Rod Reis, Javier Aranda, and Joaquin Pereyra. Liberator creator Matt Miner says, “working with Earth Crisis on the comic book side of Salvation of Innocents has been a dream project for me. Our styles, ethics, and ideologies are a fitting match and I’m super excited for folks to read the story.”

Fans pre-ordering Salvation of Innocents via iTunes will receive “The Morbid Glare,” as an immediate download as part of the digital outlet’s Instant Grab Track promotion. Pre-ordering will begin 24-hours prior to a special world premiere of the album track “De-Desensitize,” set for January 22. “Lambgoat is thrilled to be premiering a new Earth Crisis track,” proclaims editor Alex Arnold. “EC fans all over the world know what to expect from this reliable band, and they most certainly won’t be let down.”

Talking candidly about the album’s single, Crouse details, “’The Morbid Glare’ is a song that really challenged most of the band members mainly since it’s the fastest tempo we’ve ever written at. Ian wrote the majority of the song, and we all had a common goal of trying new things on this record. This is certainly new territory for us. Working at this speed for was uncomfortable at times” he says, “but we think the song really came out great in the end.”

No hardcore or metal fan can be unaware of Earth Crisis or the contributions the band has made to heavy music since their founding in 1989. Regardless of passing trends, the band has maintained their vision, dedication to their craft (and causes), and most importantly respected their fans. Media giants CNN, CBS, and MTV have applauded the straight-edge, vegan band that to date has released seven full-length albums, two EPs, and two live albums; their most recent album 2011’s Neutralize the Threat (Century Media).

Earth Crisis will kick off 2014 with a performance at the Tough Love Festival in Seattle. Set for February 15, the 3rd annual festival will take place at Studio 7 located at 110 S. Horton Street. Follow the festival’s official Facebook page for ticket details.

Track listing for Salvation of Innocents is:
1. De-Desensitize
2. Out Of The Cages
3. Shiver
4. The Morbid Glare
5. Razors Through Flesh
6. Depraved Indifference
7. No Reason
8. The Pallid Surgeon
9. Devoted to Death
10. Into Nothingness
11. Tentacles of The Altering Eye
12. Final Breath

Earth Crisis is vocalist Karl Buechner, guitarists Scott Crouse and Erick Edwards, bassist Ian Edwards, with drummer Dennis Merrick.

Black Mask Studios was launched Spring 2013 by Matt Pizzolo (Occupy Comics) with partners Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion)

“Few bands command the respect that Earth Crisis does. They’ve earned it through twenty years of hard work and consistency. Contain, control to dominate! Contain, control, exterminate!” – Alex Arnold/Lambgoat

“Salvation of Innocents isn’t just the story of a badass vigilante rescuing animals. It’s a challenging hero story because it’s true, and it’s the type of heroism any of us can step up and do ourselves.” Matt Pizzolo/Blackmask Studios

“XXX” – Ray Harkins/Peta

“We are really excited for everyone to hear this album.” – Scott Crouse/Earth Crisis


EARTH CRISIS: Celebrate 20th Anniversary Of Firestorm, Take Break From Recording New Album

The members of Earth Crisis are readying for their first live dates since early February. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of their landmark Firestorm EP, the band will mark the milestone with performances on both coasts and a quick trip south of the border before resuming work on their anticipated new album. Joining the band will be Shai Hulud, Thy Will Be Done, and White Widows Pact for the east coast dates with Lionheart and Harness completing the billing for the west. Tickets are still available via notable agencies and all venue box offices.

Earth Crisis guitarist Scott Crouse recently said, “We can’t believe we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Firestorm. None of us were even 20-years old when we recorded it. Its release forever changed our lives and, we are told, many other people’s. Come out and help us do this right.” When the dates were initially announced mid-May, the band noted to Alternative Press Magazine, “Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Firestorm EP with us! We’ll be playing the EP in its entirety, plus some rarely played other songs.” calls Firestorm, “one of the heaviest and most influential recordings in hardcore history.” Released via Victory Records in 1993, Wikipedia calls it “one of the more controversial releases in US hardcore history.” The EP would be followed by the release of the Earth Crisis’ full-length debut, Destroy the Machines, in 1995.

Syracuse, New York’s Earth Crisis was founded in 1989. The band has over 200,000 catalog sales to date, according to Nielsen Soundscan. Regardless of passing trends, the five-piece has maintained their vision, dedication to their craft (and causes), and most importantly, respected their fans in the 20-plus years of their performing career. Signing with Candlelight Records late 2012, the band enters a brand new chapter in their career. Vocalist Karl Buechner said, “I’m really looking forward to sharing this next chapter of EXC with Candlelight Records. I think they’ve proven to know the genre well, and will help push us in the right direction.” Reacting to the signing, editor Alex Arnold noted, “Earth Crisis has made a name for itself not only through punishing metal and hardcore, but via staunch support of straight edge, animal rights, and veganism. Few bands command the respect that Earth Crisis does, and they’ve earned it through 20 years of hard work and consistency.”

Earth Crisis Firestorm 20th Anniversary Tour:

  • 7/12/2013 Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA w/ Shai Hulud, Thy Will Be Done, White Widows Pact
  • 7/13/2013 Lost Horizon – Syracuse, NY w/ Shai Hulud, Thy Will Be Done, White Widows Pact
  • 7/14/2013 Santos Party House – New York, NY w/ Shai Hulud, Thy Will Be Done, White Widows Pact
  • 8/15/2013 Pubrock/Chaser – Tempe, AZ w/ Lionheart, Harness
  • 8/16/2013 You Revoucion – Tijuana, Mexico w/ Lionheart, Harness
  • 8/17/2013 Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA w/ Lionheart, Harness
  • 8/18/2013 924 Gilman Street – Berkeley, CA w/ Lionheart, Harness

Upon completion of the dates, Earth Crisis will resume work on their currently untitled ninth studio album. The album will see the band re-team with noted producer/mixer Zeus (Hatebreed, Throwdown, Municipal Waste).

Earth Crisis is vocalist Karl Buechner, guitarists Scott Crouse and Erick Edwards, bassist Ian Edwards, and drummer Dennis Merrick.



NEW SIGNINGS: We are proud to announce a number of new signings to the label.

Earth Crisis (World): No hardcore or metal fan can be unaware of Earth Crisis or the contribution the Syracuse-based band has made to heavy music since their founding in 1989. Now in 2013, the band begins a new chapter with a new record, a new label, a new quest to deliver music as only they can. Expected to begin recording late spring, watch for updates as the five-piece prep for an active and productive year.

Palehorse (World): Terrorizer Magazine call this UK bevy, “a band who marry a palpable viciousness of delivery with a desire to sidestep heavy amplification convention in search of a more unsettling and uncompromising onslaught.” Together since 2000, the band have released two full-length albums; both overwhelmingly received by media. Now for album number three, the band expects to turn even more heads.

Demon Lung (World): The Las Vegas-based quartet have completed recording with Billy Anderson and are anticipating a late spring release. The band notes of the recording adventure, “recording with Billy was an amazing experience creatively and personally. Having never met him before, we were a bit intimidated by his resume and the fact that he has recorded some of our favorite albums. But within the first three minutes we knew we were in good hands.” Anderson notes, “it’s going to be an epic album by an epic band.”

Voices (World): Featuring Akercocke/My Dying Bride drummer David Gray with Akercocke’s Peter Benjamin and Sam Loynes, this new UK-based black metal band is set to release their debut via Candlelight in the coming months. From the Human Forest Create A Fugue of Imaginary Rain was recorded at London’s Legacy Studios and was produced by Dan Abela. Terrorizer has already called the record “a unique beast brimming with ultra-blasts and dextorous riffing.”

Cnoc Un Tursa (World): The epic sounds of this Scottish quartet will impress those that enjoy the diversity of the current pagan/black/folk metal explosion. The band’s Candlelight debut, The Giants of Auld, was recorded at Foel Studios in Wales by acclaimed producer Chris Fielding (Primordial, Electric Wizard). It is set for North American release late March. Heathen Harvest calls the album “a potent mixture of black metal riffage and rousing, epic atmosphere.”

Non Existence (World): The Austria-based band fronted by Philip Santoll is ready to unveil their second album via Candlelight this spring. Antarctica combines the familiar bombast of Dimmu Borgir with Arcturus-like avantgarde, and the melancholy of My Dying Bride. The band says the album is cold and massive as it is beautiful and raw. The album follows up the band’s 2007 debut, Nihil.

Mael Mordha (World): With three full-length albums already to their credit, Ireland’s gaelic doomsters now join forces with Candlelight for their next chapter. The quintet is currently busy working on the follow-up to 2010’s Manannan. The band recently performed alongside Primordial at the Redemption Festival in Dublin. Rotting Christ, Solstafir, and labelmates Winterfylleth were also featured on the bill.

Hopeless Youth (World): These Canadians have been stumbling between basement shows and venues as they strive to bring fast aggressive music to everyone. After self releasing their own self-titled ep, Hopeless Youth have proved that they have what it takes to go to the next level. Now signed to Candlelight, the five-piece will be releasing a full length with plans to tour the world. Whether it’s beer soaked or sober, they’ll stop at nothing to play everywhere.

Shade Empire (World): Finland-based symphonic black metal band are set to silence a four year hiatus with a new record via Candlelight Records. Metal Observer calls the band, “a smorgasbord of melodic thrash, technical death metal, and synthesized chaos with an industrial sheen.” Chronicles of Chaos call them, “a veritable melting pot of metal genres.” It will be exciting to hear what this six-piece have in store for fans in the coming months.

Armed For Apocalypse (Europe): The Sacramento band is hard-at-work on album number two. It is expected for release late spring. Featuring former members of Will Haven, the four-piece has performed alongside a wide-range of artists including Unearth, The Used, Static-X, Helmet, Lazarus A.D., and The Funeral Pyre.

Wounded Kings (World): From the misty moors of Dartmoor, the respected quartet now call Candlelight their home. Roadburn alumni, Wounded Kings have a sizeable world following and their new record is already eagerly anticipated. Aquarian Weekly says the band’s “riffs are so locked in doom lore that you can almost imagine there was a thin sheet of dust on the two-inch tape this was plainly recorded on from the irregularly dusted castle it was plainly recorded in.”

Sadgiqacea (World): Heavy Planet says, “while destroying everything in their path, Philadelphia-based Sadgiqacea creates an inspiring assault of beauty meets devastation. Crushing riffs and ambient beauty swirl as the vocals bark… epic and full on sludge.” Fueled by the duo of Evan Schaefer and Fred Grabosky, the band recently completed their Candlelight debut. Expect an April release.

Hybris (World): Weaving technical thrash with classic heavy metal and strong hints of progressive, these London thrashers are set to unveil their debut album late spring. Band founder/leader Federica proves that girls can truly thrash. The band has been regulars to the stage, playing alongside Municipal Waste, Helstar, Volture, and others.

NEW RELEASES: See below for confirmed releases as well recordings in progress.

Orange Goblin (World): Ready for what could be the biggest year in their career, the Orange Goblin boys are ready to hit the road to support their forthcoming A Eulogy for the Fans/Orange Goblin Live 2012. The CD/DVD will hit North American stores on March 12; just as the band begins their first stateside tour in many a year. Teaming up with Clutch, the band will visit cities all over the US and Canada playing fan favorites from their extensive recording registry. Confirmed tour dates are noted in the tour section below.

Ihsahn (World): The former Emperor vocalist/guitarist is set to touchdown on US soil for this year’s Maryland Death Festival. This will be only the second time the highly respected musician has performed as a solo artist since setting out on his own (following the 2001 demise of Emperor). He is already feverously working on new material which he plans to record in the coming months; songs to be included on his fourth solo recording anticipated for late year.

Havok (World): The Denver thrashers are getting ready to hit the studio to record what is expected to be a highly anticipated album. Planned for release late June, the still untitled album will follow Time Is Up; the album that really opened doors for the still young quartet. The band was a performer on Barge to Hell (alongside At The Gates, Napalm Death, Behemoth, and labelmates Corrosion of Conformity, among others). Watch for more recording details in the coming weeks.

Woe (World): The third record from the Philadelphia black metal band is set to be released this spring. Hailed by media since their debut, A Spell for the Death of Man, in 2008, Woe has slowly build a solid fanbase with Metal Sucks saying, “this is the sound of black metal to come.” Teeth of the Divine note, “Woe carve out their own niche amid the US black metal scene without bowing down to either forced brittle Scandinavian worship, post rock injections or self loathing depression.”

Meads of Asphodel (World): Finishing up work on Sonderkommando, their second album for Candlelight, the UK-based black metal medievalists, plan to take their loyal fanbase on another dynamic adventure. Stereogum notes, “it’s impossible to nail their sound without just diving in,” when detailing the band’s unique sound. It is hard to pinpoint when you consider the band have covered Stiff Little Fingers, Discharge, the Stranglers, Conflict, Skeptix, the Kinks, and completed a split recording with Mayhem in 2002.

Also coming… new recordings from Altar of Plagues (Europe), Limbonic Art (World), and Abigail Williams (World).


Orange Goblin
03/08/13 – Bogarts, Cincinnati OH (supporting Clutch)
03/09/13 – Marathon Music Works, Nashville TN (supporting Clutch)
03/10/13 – Pop’s, Sauget IL (supporting Clutch)
03/11/13 – Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom, Little Rock AR (supporting Clutch)
03/12/13 – Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa OK (supporting Clutch)
03/14/13 – Palladium Ballroom, Dallas TX (supporting Clutch)
03/18/13 – Black Sheep, Colorado Springs CO (supporting Clutch)
03/19/13 – The Depot, Salt Lake City UT (supporting Clutch)
03/21/13 – House of Blues, West Hollywood CA (supporting Clutch)
03/22/13 – The Marquee, Tempe AZ (supporting Clutch)
03/23/13 – Hard Rock Café, Las Vegas (supporting Clutch)
03/24/13 – House of Blues, Anaheim CA (supporting Clutch)

Vision of Disorder
01/26/13 – Dingbatz, Clifton NJ
01/27/13 – The Chance, Poughkeepsie NY
02/01/13 – Studio Seven, Seattle WA
02/02/13 – Whiskey a Go-Go, Hollywood CA

Demon Lung
02/10/13 – Bunkhouse Saloon, Las Vegas NV (supporting Castle)
03/16/13 – Cheyenne Saloon, Las Vegas NV (supporting Gravehill, Avenger of Blood)