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ABIGAIL WILLIAMS: 2014 Tour & New Album

Ever-evolving metal purveyors Abigail Williams will celebrate a decade of plying their dark arts with a 30-city US headlining tour and a new portfolio of songs. For this early 2014 outing, vocalist/guitarist Ken Sorceron will be jointed by guitarist Jeff Wilson, bassist John Porada (both ex-Nachtmystium), and drummer Charlie Fell (ex-Nachtmystium, Von) In the studio, Wilson and long-time Abigail Williams guitarist Ian Jekelis will work with Sorceron on a full-length to be recorded in Chicago in April. Drummer Alex Rudinger (The Faceless) and bassist Will Lindsay (ex-Nachtmystium, Wolves In The Throne Room) are slated to complete the ensemble. Fans should expect a release via Candlelight this later this year.

“Touring and recording are two different things in my mind,” Sorceron says. “Certain people you want around in the studio and certain people are more suitable in a live situation. Abigail Williams has never had a real solid line-up going from recording to live; we have always kept it moving.”

On tour, Abigail Williams will perform their critically acclaimed 2012 album Becoming in its entirety. They will complete their headlining set list with selections from their genre-blending past and uncompromising new future.

With regard to the band’s genre, Sorceron doesn’t particularly care if people use the term “black metal” to describe the band and realizes many use it simply as a convenient way to classify the music. “To some people, it’s up for debate as to whether what we play is black metal or not. To me it doesn’t matter either way. I’m not thinking about genres when writing music.”

Abigail Williams is hard to place in today’s landscape of what is described as US black metal. Since their inception in 2004, the group has continuously changed personnel, and with each new performer, came a new musical influence. The only thing that has remained constant is Sorceron who is constantly seeking new personal experiences to inspire songs and developing innovative combinations of sound that defy neat-and-easy categorization. Like the girl the band was named for – the chief accuser in the Salem Witch Trials – Abigail Williams keeps changing their story and their sound.

“The thing about Abigail Williams is that we never fit into any landscape,” Sorceron says. “I’ve become pretty comfortable with that role. I used to read the criticism about the band on the internet, but I stopped a while ago. People aren’t comfortable liking a band that has changed sound over the years.”

Sorceron emphasizes that Abigail Williams is not a “brand” but rather a conduit for artistic expression. “My observation over the years has been that music fans tend to think of a band as a brand. It’s the same, as clothing in some ways. Like when someone decides they won’t be caught dead wearing XYZ brand because they sell at ‘insert lame store name here’ and ‘these types of people’ like it. I’m not oblivious to the fact that a lot of fans of our early stuff don’t like the newer stuff, and that a lot of the people that like the new stuff hate the old stuff. It is a challenge for some to follow us because of this brand connection. For me, Abigail Williams is a creative outlet and vehicle to go to places I want to see and connect with like-minded people.”

As of late, Sorceron has found like-minded connections with the members of Lord Mantis and recently joined the band and performed on their latest recording, Death Mask. However, he says he keeps Abigail Williams in motion because, “it is what I do.”

  • 3/27 Crest Hill, IL @ Bada Brew
  • 3/28 Jackson, MI @ The Foundry
  • 3/29 Toledo, OH @ Mainstreet
  • 3/30 Syracuse, NY @The Lost Horizon
  • 3/31 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus
  • 4/1 Hartford, CT @ Webster Underground
  • 4/2 Springfield, VA @ Empire
  • 4/3 Knoxville, TN @ The Bowery
  • 4/4 Jacksonville, NC @ Hooligans
  • 4/5 Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero
  • 4/6 Tampa, FL @ Brassmug
  • 4/7 Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub
  • 4/8 Miami, FL @ Churchill’s Pub
  • 4/9 Pensacola, FL @ Handlebar
  • 4/10 New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
  • 4/11 Houston, TX @ Walters Downtown
  • 4/12 Austin, TX @ Texas Independence Fest