OCTOBER FILE: Return With Ambitious Fourth Studio Album

Candlelight Records today confirms June 10 as the North American release date for October File’s The Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair: An Introspective of the Human Condition. It is the fourth full-length studio album from the English post-punk quartet. The album was recorded at London’s Orgone Studios (Ghost, Electric Wizard, Guapo, Ulver) and produced by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Cathedral, Angel Witch, Gates of Slumber).

Metal Hammer Magazine today premiered “Heroes Are Welcome,” the album’s lead single. A special lyric video, created by 12 Inch Media’s Craig Gowans (Bleed From Within), spotlights the outspoken band’s always jeering lyrics. Speaking recently with Terrorizer Magazine about the album, bassist Steve Beatty notes, “other records have dealt with war, religion and in fact lyrical themes you would more expect to see on a crust punk record. This is why we decided to go in a totally different direction this time. We wanted to delve into personal experience more and not make it obvious we were doing so.”

Recording of the album took place in the early weeks of the new year. The band made decisive changes to both their writing approach and studio location. “We were keen to trying something new,” says Beatty. “We had recorded everything at the Outhouse in Reading but really felt it was time to try something new. We had heard some recordings from there and liked the way Jaime did things – all live, no samples.”

“It’s the first time we ever wrote anything with a pre-conceived idea,” continues Beatty. “The ideas of each individual track were discussed and music written to fit them. Usually we have musical ideas and put them together whilst Ben (Hollyer, vocals) wrote as the track fermented. This time it was different. It was for sure more of a challenge but it was good for us. We were made to work harder, especially Ben. He has written his best lyrics and pushed his voice into new directions.”

Inspired by a wide range of influences, from post-punk heroes like Killing Joke, Amebix, Godflesh and Gang Of Four through to the greats of rock, punk, industrial and underground metal, October File exploded into life with their 2004 debut album A Long Walk On A Short Pier and the How To Lose Friends And Alienate People (EP) from the same year. Embarking on a relentless slew of live performances which has seldom slowed since, the band proved their dedication to playing in front of anyone and everyone and duly attracted the attention of the UK rock and metal press.

Consolidating their notoriety with the release of two additional EPs Monuments (2005) and Hallowed Be Thy Army (2006), which marked the band’s upward shift to the prestigious Candlelight Records label, October File made friends with Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman who lent his vocal powers to the band’s second full-length album, Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God. Over the years that followed, October File has performed at numerous high profile festivals in the UK and Europe and have also toured with Killing Joke, Prong, Ministry and Fear Factory. The buzz around the band led to an association with Godflesh/Jesu main man Justin Broadrick who offered to produce one of two distinct versions of their third full-length album, Our Souls To You, which was released to a whirlwind of positive reviews in 2010.

Celebrating their ten year anniversary, October File are excited of the promise the new album allows them. The band is expected to return to the road shortly after album release; they have already confirmed their slot on this year’s Bloodstock Festival set for August 7-10 at Catton Hall in Derby. Ticket information is available at www.bloodstock.co.uk.

Complete track listing for The Application of Loneliness, Ignorance, Misery, Love and Despair: An Introspective of the Human Condition is:

  • 1. I Fuck the Day
  • 2. Heroes Are Welcome
  • 3. Reinvention
  • 4. The Water
  • 5. Elation
  • 6. Upon Reflection
  • 7. Where the Clouds Meet The Horizon
  • 8. All Rise All Fail
  • 9. To Be Watched Upon

October File is vocalist Ben Hollyer, guitarist Matt Lerwill, bassist Steve Beatty, and drummer John Watt.