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IHSAHN: New Album Arktis Set For March 4 Release!

Candlelight Records proudly announces March 4 as the global release date for the sixth solo album from Ihsahn titled Arktis. The album will be available in standard CD, deluxe CD (featuring additional exclusive content), and vinyl formats. The album’s first single, “Mass Darkness,” is released today via iTunes and Amazon. It is available for streaming now via Spotify. Decibel Magazine exclusively presents the Michael Dickinson (Orange Goblin, Gallows) created lyric video for the song available for viewing HERE.

Arktis was recorded at Ihsahn’s studio in Notodden, Norway and was mixed in Sweden by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia). The album features ten songs and is the longest and most spirited of Ihsahn’s solo recordings. It features guest appearances from Einar Solberg (Leprous), Matt Heafy (Trivium), Jorgen Munkeby (Shining), Tobias Ornes Andersen (Shining, ex-Leprous), and renowned Norwegian author Hans Herbjornsrud. Graphic elements for Arktis once again have been provided by award-winning Spanish designer Ritxi Ostariz.

Few artists in modern heavy music have created such an extraordinary and unique body of work as Ihsahn. Having refined and redefined black metal with the now legendary Emperor, Ihsahn is Norway’s foremost musical extremist. He has spent the last decade establishing himself as a fearless and wildly idiosyncratic solo artist and even by his own remarkable standards, Arktis is a bold and mind-blowing step into the unknown. Ihsahn comments, “my focus for this album was to write within more traditional song structures and still give each song a strong individual identity, be that through a re-occurring melody, a chorus, sound design or the good, old guitar riff. I also wanted to explore this on the production side, blending organic rock sounds with more modern expressions.”

The stark visuals utilized in the video for “Mass Darkness” are inspired by late 1800’s Norwegian explorer and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Fridtjof Nansen. It depicts his famed three-year expedition to the North Pole first by ship and then by foot over land. Ihsahn notes, “the whole atmosphere of facing the cold, immense unknown fits rather good with the general lyrical concept of the entire album. It paints a sense of doubt, hopelessness and frustration yet celebrates curiosity, free will and the choice to avoid conformity. It is, at best, an observance of one’s insignificance in relation to time, nature and space yet each individual’s ability to make things matter even if only to themselves.”

Guitar World Executive Editor Brad Angle calls Ihsahn, one of the most influential, progressive and enduring musicians to emerge out of the classic Norwegian black metal scene.” Loudwire says he is “an elite musician.” Blabbermouth declares him, “an evolutionary wunderkind.” For the 40-year old musician, the global accolades have yet to impact his creativity with each and every album pushing boundaries and preconceived sounds typically assigned to heavy music. With Arktis, he continues his blending of extreme metal and progressive rock that will easily sustain his already massive fanbase while opening even more doors for the humble multi-instrumentalist. Ihsahn says,” with the contributions from several of my talented friends and the incredible mixing skills of Jens Bogren, I feel the end result is just as varied yet cohesive as I hoped for. Actually, I can’t recall having had such a great time making an album before and hopefully that comes across too.”

Arktis full track listing:

  • 1. Disassembled
  • 2. Mass Darkness
  • 3. My Heart is of the North
  • 4. South Winds
  • 5. In the Vaul
  • 6. Until I too Dissolve
  • 7. Pressure
  • 8. Frail
  • 9. Crooked Red Line
  • 10. Celestial Violence

Ihsahn uses Blackstar Amplification, Rotosound, and Steinberg Media Technologies.


VISION OF DISORDER: New Track From Forthcoming LP Streaming At Decibel; Razed To The Ground Nears Release

Razed To The Ground is the imminent new full-length from New York City hardcore icons, Vision of Disorder. Set to drop via Candlelight Records on the new street date of November 27th, 2015, Razed To The Ground was captured by Chris “Zeuss” Harris (Hatebreed, Madball, Terror etc), and displays a more refined and matured approach to their sound while musically retaining their signature tension, release and paralyzing grooves, punctuated by a nonstop barrage of dynamic vocal devastation.

As a precursor to its release, today Decibel Magazine strikes with “Electric Sky” at THIS LOCATION.

You can also sample the record’s title track, still playing at Revolver Magazine at THIS LOCATION as well as “Hours In Chaos” at Lambgoat RIGHT HERE.

Razed To The Ground has been reaping critical adulation from critics globally. “The new Vision of Disorder song is riffs on riffs on riffs,” proclaimed Metal Injection upon hearing first single, “Hours In Chaos.” “In Razed To The Ground they have delivered a masterclass in no-nonsense, deftly controlled packets of nervous, furious energy, trimmed of fat and patiently waiting to rip your face off, given half a chance…outstanding,” issues The Monolith. In a near-perfect 4/5 rating, Skulls ‘N’ Bones gushes, “Vision of Disorder have created their masterpiece …an awesome album, front to back.” In an 8/10 review, The Metal Observer concurs, “Razed To The Ground is not only the best Vision of Disorder album since Imprint, but it’s the comeback the fans wanted, and it’s the comeback the band deserved.” Adds Wonderbox Metal of vocalist Tim Williams in particular, “His screaming snarls sound like anger personified and his cleans always have a certain edge to them that make them stand out from most of the more commercial/weak sounding cleans used by a lot of their peers. He’s on top form again on this release and it seems he will never run out of steam… a strong new album from these hardcore stalwarts.”

Forged in 1992, Vision of Disorder recorded three demos and an EP before releasing their self-titled Roadrunner Records debut in 1996. Between 1994 and 1999, the band would see eight additional and now rare recordings as their fan base grew, including a split 7-inch with Loyal To None (Hearsay Records), a split 7-inch with Nanchaku (Dea Records), and the Resurrecting Reality EP (Crisis/Revelation Records) featuring their cover of the Bad Brains classic “Soul Craft.” The band would record a second album for Roadrunner, Imprint (1998), and two additional albums, For The Bleeders (1999, Go Kart Records) and From Bliss To Devastation (2001, TVT Records) before disbanding. By 2008, VOD reunited and began writing new material for the first time in over a decade. They announced their signing with England’s Candlelight Records on February 23rd, 2012. The Cursed Remain Cursed was released six months later.

Razed To The Ground pre-orders are currently available at THIS LOCATION.


ABIGAIL WILLIAMS: The Accuser Streaming At Decibel; Record To See Release TOMORROW Through Candlelight Records

“The Accuser cements Abigail Williams’ status as one of the great American black metal bands, capable of crafting challenging yet rewarding music that rocks as much as it is thoughtful…4/5″ – New Noise Magazine

With its official unveiling now less than twenty-four hours away, today Decibel Magazine spews forth Abigail Williams’ The Accuser in its menacing entirety.

Continuing to reap the critical hails of media critics globally, in a recent 4/5 review, New Noise Magazine notes, “Over the past two records, the band has been producing some of the best, most daring American black metal around… The Accuser cements Abigail Williams’ status as one of the great American black metal bands, capable of crafting challenging yet rewarding music that rocks as much as it is thoughtful… Abigail Williams has written possibly its best work yet.” The Metal Observer gave the record a 9/10 score crowning it, “the best release in the band’s career, and certainly one worthy of multiple spins.” In another near-perfect 4/5 rating, Heavy Blog Is Heavy asserts, “The atmosphere is a dense wall of noise that turns the tremolo-picked riffs and blastbeats of opener ‘Path Of Broken Glass’ into chaotic drones that keep in step with the burgeoning USBM movement and allows for spacious moments of melodic introspection on the brilliant and vaguely Earth-like closer ‘Nuummite,’ which utilizes brooding cleans and a sparse psychedelic and Western-sounding guitar work. There’s a tug-of-war dynamic that plays out here that begins with a maddening confrontational approach that eventually erodes into something more sensitive and emotional as melody and negative space gradually become incorporated into each track as the album progresses.”

Get grim with The Accuser, now playing at Decibel at THIS LOCATION.

And if you missed it, view the band’s twisted Mike Dickinson-directed “Nuummite” video still available at Cvlt Nation at THIS LOCATION.

Fronted by founding vocalist/guitarist Ken Sorceron (ex-Lord Mantis), Abigail Williams now features guitarist Jeff Wilson (Wolvhammer, Chrome Waves, Doomsday, La Chant Funebre), and drummer Charlie Fell (Cobalt, ex-Lord Mantis, ex-Avichi) with recording bassist Will Lindsay (Indian, Lord Mantis, Anatomy Of Habit) and live bassist Micah Leonetti (Wolvhammer). Captured in just five days by Sorceron at the band’s home studio in Olympia, Washington, the eight-track offering is fittingly bleak, dark, nihilistic and infinitely engrossing and features a guest appearance by Neill Jameson (Krieg, Twilight) as well as the psychedelic cover craftings of Portland-based illustrator/tattoo artist, Stevie Floyd (Dark Castle, Taurus).

Abigail Williams’ The Accuser will see release on October 30th via Candlelight Records. For CD preorders go HERE and for digital orders go HERE.


BIO-CANCER: Greek Thrashers Tour Europe With Marduk In October! says, “The band exudes confidence and passion with an authentic, old-school sound while injecting a fresh approach with youthful exuberance.” New Noise Magazine adds that vocalist, “Lefteris’ phenomenal vocals totally destroy on every single bar. He is just a non-stop wrecking machine of potent energy coming at you.”

The band’s sophomore album, Tormenting the Innocent, was released late March. Mixed by Andy Claussen (Destruction / Krisiun), it features art by Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust). With already 20,000 views of an early video from the album (“Bulletproof”), there is a growing buzz for their towering sound.

Tormenting the Innocent is the first worldwide release for the young five-piece and follows their 2012 self-released debut Ear Piercing Thrash. The band has shared the stage with Sodom, Onslaught, Rotting Christ, Xentrix, Artillery, & more.

If you missed checking out Tormenting the Innocent before, now is the time. Order now from Manic Music Online (HERE). Interviews with the band are available.


ABIGAIL WILLIAMS: Tour Starts Today!

With Abigail Williams nearing the recording completion of their forthcoming new album, the band has announced a West Coast tour. Set to kick off today, July 11, the tour will hit fourteen cities before its completion in Seattle on July 27. The tour announcement follows the recent release of the special 4-disc collection, From Legend To Becoming (Candlelight) available now in stores nationwide. The limited edition collection includes the band’s three full-length albums, 2008’s In The Shadow Of A Thousand Suns, 2010’s In The Absence Of Light, 2012’s Becoming, plus their debut EP, Legend.

“After a year off from touring and working on our new record, we are looking forward to getting in the van again,” says vocalist/guitarist Sorceron. Continuing he notes, “we will be playing lots of new material from the upcoming release as well as our favorites from the past.”

Sorceron has been keeping busy the last year working on new material for Abigail Williams as well participating in other recording projects – Lord Mantis, Missing – and serving as producer and engineer on other recordings. He premiered early versions of two songs expected to appear on the new album via No Clean Singing last winter. “Musically this album is very diverse,” he said. “the overall vibe is way more negative compared to our last album. Artistically this is the best line-up I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years.”

The complete listing of dates are:

  • 7/11 – Fruitdale Grange, Grants Pass OR
  • 7/12 – Starlite Lounge, Sacramento CA
  • 7/13 – Elbo Room, San Francisco CA
  • 7/14 – Complex, Los Angeles CA
  • 7/15 – Brick By Brick, San Diego CA
  • 7/16 – Yucca Tap Room, Phoenix AZ
  • 7/17 – The Jam Spot, Albuqueque NM
  • 7/18 – Bushwacker’s, Denver CO
  • 7/19 – Area 51, Salt Lake City UT
  • 7/20 – The Shredder, Boise ID
  • 7/23 – Obsidian, Olympia WA
  • 7/25 – Hindenburg, Vancouver BC
  • 7/26 – The Pin, Spokane WA
  • 7/27 – Studio Steven, Seattle WA

Abigail Williams’ as-yet-untitled new album is expected for an autumn release. Songs from the band are featured on Candlelight’s latest Top Tunes playlist available on Spotify. Listen HERE.