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KING PARROT: Australian Return To North America This March, Supporting Weedeater

Australian thrash grind miscreants, King Parrot, will return to the stage this March on another North American rash of live devastations. Slated to embark on March 21st in Austin, Texas, King Parrot will march through two-dozen cities supporting bong metal perpetrators, Weedeater, with the passage coming to a close on April 18th in Wilmington, North Carolina. The Metal Injection-sponsored tour follows the band’s ten-date run through Europe (also supporting team Weedeater).

Declares the band, “We’re honored to be heading out with the legendary Weedeater. We’ve heard only awesome reports about this great band live, and we can’t wait to have our own chapter in the folklore of Dixie Dave and company. All the people working behind the scenes on this tour have been excited about pairing our bands for some time, so I’m sure this will be one for the ages! Expect all the crazy shit you would at a high octane punk or metal show, and then times it by ten, as I’m positive both bands will bring their proverbial A game. I’ve heard from people around the country, ‘If there’s anyone crazier than King Parrot, it’s Weedeater.’ We’ll be out to prove them wrong! We’ll also be playing a swag of songs from our new album to be released mid-year, so come get a sample of what we have in store.”

King Parrot w/ Weedeater:

  • 3/06/2015 Kavka – Antwerpen, BE
  • 3/07/2015 Sound Control – Manchester, UK
  • 3/08/2015 Underworld – London, UK
  • 3/09/2015 Aeronef – Lille, FR
  • 3/10/2015 Glazart – Paris, FR
  • 3/11/2015 Ptr,Usine – Geneva, CH
  • 3/12/2015 Freak Out – Bologna, IT
  • 3/13/2015 Juha West – Stuttgart, DE
  • 3/14/2015 Vortex Surfer – Siegen, DE
  • 3/15/2015 Burgerweeshuis – Deventer, NL
  • 3/21/2015 The Lost Well – Austin, TX
  • 3/24/2015 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM
  • 3/25/2015 Pub Rock Live – Scottsdale, AZ
  • 3/26/2015 Casbah – San Diego, CA
  • 3/27/2015 The Complex – Los Angeles, CA
  • 3/28/2015 Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA
  • 3/29/2015 DNA – San Francisco, CA
  • 3/30/2015Starlite Lounge – Sacramento, CA
  • 3/31/2015 Dante’s – Portland, OR
  • 4/01/2015 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
  • 4/02/2015 The Pin – Spokane, WA
  • 4/03/2015 Neurolux – Boise, ID
  • 4/04/2015 In The Venue – Salt Lake City, UT
  • 4/05/2015 Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO
  • 4/07/2015 Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
  • 4/08/2015 Wooly’s – Des Moines, IA
  • 4/09/2015 Rock Island Brewing – Rock Island, IL
  • 4/10/2015 Pyramid Scheme – Grand Rapids, MI
  • 4/11/2015 Subterranean – Chicago, IL
  • 4/12/2015 Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH
  • 4/13/2015 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY
  • 4/14/2015 Nectars – Burlington, VT
  • 4/15/2015 T.T. The Bear’s Place – Boston, MA
  • 4/16/2015 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
  • 4/18/2015 Ziggy’s By The Sea – Wilmington, NC

King Parrot released their Bite Your Head Off full-length via Candlelight Records in 2013 and have been road-bound ever since, waging their sonic brutality and live antics upon unsuspecting eyes and ears both stateside and abroad. Championed for its, “dark, black humor,’ and accurately dubbed, “raucous, uncouth, rude, scatological and completely compelling,” by This Is Not A Scene, Bite Your Head Off was produced by Jason Fuller (Blood Duster, Dern Rutlidge) and Adam Calaitzis (Damaged, Abramelin) and manages to capture the raw intensity of their furious live assault, defying genres with a cross section attack of thrash, grind, punk and hardcore.

“A nice little cross-up of musical ability and amusing visuals (the videos for ‘Dead End’ and ‘Shit On The Liver’ are quality viewing), King Parrot should be able to find their place in a relatively stale and average grind scene. And frankly, thaty’s what grind needs: A shot in the arm, a mix-up, and some well-intended goofiness… this should do it. 8.5/10″ – Dead Rhetoric

“I’ve never felt so personally threatened by a record before” – Hysteria Magazine

“…a must for any fans of Australian metal or extreme metal 4/5″ – Sputnik Music

“…a calculated piece of extreme art, with strong musicianship and a production job skilfully left just on the right side of raw and dirty…” –


FALLOCH: Scottish Melancholic Post-Metallers New Album This Month

Scottish melancholic post-metallers, Falloch, will unveil their long anticipated new full-length via Candlelight Records next month. Titled This Island, Our Funeral, the follow up to 2011′s Where Distant Spirits Remain was tracked at London’s Orgone Studios by Jaime Gomez Arellanu (Ghost, Cathedral, Ulver), and delivers nearly an hour’s worth of dark, chilling odes of atmospheric beauty.

Boasting a far darker dirge than its predecessor, Terrorizer Magazine commends This Island, Our Funeral‘s, “haunting atmosphere and evocative crescendos of music and emotion,” further recommending, “go for a walk with it; you’ll struggle not to be moved.” In a perfect 5/5 rating, Metal Purgatory opines, “If this album can teach us anything, it is that we all come from this Earth and that this will be our funeral grounds. The emotions and power behind this album is immense and incomparable to anything else you will experience…” Ave Noctum concurs, “sometimes it’s really nice to sit back and just let pleasant music wash over you…” While Against Magazine adds, “This Island, Our Funeral is evidence that ancient themes reproduced nowadays can also be approached in different ways other than folk and black metal. Falloch present a canvas of modern doom and post metal. By the last part of the twelve-minute ‘Sanctuary,’ it’s really been acknowledged that this Earth is our home and it will be our funeral ground, brought by the heavy and mournful mid-paced farewell.”

This Island, Our Funeral track listing:

  • 1. Tòrradh
  • 2. For Life
  • 3. For Ùir
  • 4. Brahan
  • 5. -
  • 6. I Shall Build Mountains
  • 7. Sanctuary

Forged in Glasgow, Scotland in 2010 by Andy Marshall and Scott McLean and named after the Falls of Falloch waterfall in Crianlarich, Falloch draws inspiration from an assortment of genres from metal, atmospheric rock, post-rock and Scottish folk to minimalist composers like Arvo Pärt and Yann Tiersen. Formerly a duo, the band now features an expanded lineup of new vocalist/guitarist Tony Dunn, bassist Ben Brown, and drummer Steve Scott with founder/guitarist McLean.

Falloch’s This Island, Our Funeral will be released in North America via Candlelight Records on January 27th, 2015. Preorders are currently available at THIS LOCATION.


VOICES: UK Dark Avant Sound Contortionists Release London Full-Length In North America This Month

UK dark avant sound contortionists, Voices, will release their sophomore full-length, London, in North America this month. Tracked at Hackney Studios, the offering delivers fourteen bastardized tracks of progressive blackened psychedelic melancholia centered on the forgotten and diseased underbelly of England’s capital city. Featuring former members of Akercocke and My Dying Bride, Voices manifests perfectly imperfect sounds to welcome the end of creation, the extinction of the human, the collapse of music as we once knew…

Comments the band, “Voices invites listeners to join them walk through the cold streets of South London. London is represented in a manner that few can admit or stomach, and we hope to show the world our negative journey through this urban and hostile landscape.”

Already reaping the hails of European media outlets, Metal Hammer crowns London, “one of the most unique and ambitious metal albums of recent years… from sumptuous beauty through helplessly driven, angular extremity to mind-flaying, id-erupting mania, London is a shattering of the senses, and a psychedelic thrill ride down the rabbit-hole of consciousness.” Ave Noctum calls the creation, “dizzying and jaw dropping,” as it, “maliciously batters away throwing things in a head stewing melee,” while HorrorSexy adds in a perfect 10/10 review, “London is a complex album…Yet, the rewards it delivers are so very worth your time, patience and energy. In a year that has already seen outstanding albums from fellow Brits, Fen and labelmates Winterfylleth, Voices close out the year with an absolute stunner. London has never been darker and this album will drag you through every dreary, rain-soaked corner of it.”

London track listing:

  • 1. Suicide Note
  • 2. Music for the Recently Bereaved
  • 3. The Actress
  • 4. Vicarious Lover
  • 5. Megan
  • 6. Imaginary Sketches of a Poisoned Man
  • 7. The Antidote
  • 8. The FuckTrance
  • 9. Hourglass
  • 10. The House of Black Light
  • 11. The Final Portrait of the Artist
  • 12. Last Train Victoria Line
  • 13. The Ultimate Narcissist
  • 14. Cold Harbour Lane

Voices was formed in London in 2011 as a new experiment from guitarist/vocalist Peter Benjamin, drummer David Gray and bassist Sam Loynes (all former members of Akercocke) with a mission to create a deep brand of cold and confronting music, part hypnotic yet often disturbing, focusing from an avant-garde take upon black metal, whilst always striving to explore a wide musical spectrum.

London will be released in North America via Candlelight Records on January 27th, 2015. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION.


VOICES: New Song Premiere at Invisible Oranges

The challenging UK-based band VOICES is set to release their second full-length album early in 2015. Today Invisible Oranges exclusively streams a selection from the anticipated album. “The Fucktrance,” is the eighth song from the conceptual epic, titled London. Recorded at Hackney Studios during the early months of this year, it is now available for pre-order in North America via Candlelight Records’ official webstore and Bandcamp page.

Listen to “The FuckTrance” HERE

London “chokes the listener with a cacophony of human voices, from shrieks to grunts, clean singing and monologues,” says Invisible Orange’s editor Joseph Schafer in his early review of the album. He continues calling it, “as diverse, populated, and claustrophobic as the London which the lyrics obsess over.” Commenting on the song, bassist Sam Loynes notes, “The FuckTrance is a key song within the album. It’s a most primal and unforgiving journey. It was one of those difficult days at the rehearsal studio and we just channelled the most negative and horrific aspects of ourselves through the power of the blast.”

After the official dismantling of Akercocke in 2011, VOICES members Peter Benjamin (guitar/vocal), David Gray (drums) and Loynes assembled to create music that was at its core both disturbing and hypnotic. Signing with Candlelight Records in the early months of 2012, the band saw the release of their debut, From The Human Forest Create A Fugue Of Imaginary Rain, mid-June 2012 in Europe and several months later for North America. “Dizzying and jaw dropping,” said Ave Noctum. Last Rites called the band’s sound “unique and invigorated.” Thrash Hits added, “it contains everything you’d expect from this collective; metronome-confounding blast wizardry, with a more than ample selection of Gray’s trademark (and still unusual) break beats backing a vicious selection of riffs, synths and vocals.”

London engulfs the listener with its harrowing sound for nearly an hour before it concludes. The band will perform selections from the album live in late November at a record release event at The Black Heart (23 Green Place, Camden, London). Touring is expected to begin in the new year. Details to be announced.

Full track listing for London is:
1. Suicide Note
2. Music For The Recently Bereaved
3. The Actress
4. Vicarious Lover
5. Megan
6. Imaginary Sketches Of A Poisoned Man
7. The Antidote
8. The FuckTrance
9. Hourglass
10. The House Of Black Light
11. The Final Portrait Of The Artist
12. Last Train Victoria Line
13. The Ultimate Narcissist
14. Cold Harbour Lane


CANDLELIGHT: Announced Early 2015 Releases

As the label today celebrates the North American release of ’s new album, Back From The Abyss, Candlelight Records is already busy at work on our early 2015 offerings. Planned stateside releases include the latest albums from Falloch and Voices, the label debut from Hateful Abandon, and several collector sets from the likes of 1349, Crowbar, and Insomnium. Pre-orders are set to launch in the coming weeks via the label’s official web store.

The second full-length album from Glasgow, Scotland’s Falloch is already enjoying glowing European response. North American fans will find the domestic version of the album on shelves January 27. This Island, Our Funeral is a darker dirge than its predecessor and features an expanded band front, including new vocalist/guitarist Tony Dunn, bassist Ben Brown, and drummer Steve Scott with founder/guitarist Scott McLean. Recorded at London’s Orgone Studios by Jaime Gomez Arellanu (Ghost, Cathedral, Ulver), Terrorizer Magazine says the album is chock full of “haunting atmosphere and evocative crescendos of music and emotion. Go for a walk with it, you’ll struggle not to be moved.” The band just headlined the second night of CandleFest at London’s Underworld alongside label-mates Winterfylleth, The Wounded Kings, October File, Pet Slimmers of the Year, and others. The band will perform at Damnation Fest in Leeds on November 1.

Also set for release January 27, is the second full-length album from Voices. The London-based band, featuring former members of Akercocke, mashes a deluge of sonically lethal sounds into a harrowing new musical concept. Metal Hammer calls London, “every bit as sprawling yet steeped in grandeur as the city it’s named after.” Recorded at Hackney Studios, the band describes it as, “a deep cinematic roller coaster ride through the darkest of nightmares.” Members Sam Loynes and Peter Benjamin discussed the record prior to their set at 2014’s Bloodstock Festival. The five-minute outtake can be seen here. Founded in 2011, Ave Noctum calls Voices’ sound, “dizzying and jaw dropping,” as it “maliciously batters away throwing things in a head stewing melee.” Candlelight will host a special London song premiere on October 14.

Bristol, England’s genre-blurring Hateful Abandon will see the release of their Candlelight debut, Liars/Bastards, on January 13. The newly signed duo has already found critical media support through their independent released material since their formation in 2008. Cvlt Nation currently features album track “The Walker” on their new mixtape series called F.O.A.G. Vol. 1. The popular site calls the band’s audio uniqueness, “a post-apocalyptic journey that isn’t bound by artificial genre conventions, incorporating the best elements of the rebellious ideology of Crass, the original spirit of industrial innovation that drove label’s like Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial Records, and the somber post punk and gothic rock of bands like Joy Division and Killing Joke.” On review of the album, Zero Tolerance notes, “the landscape here is one of crumbling urban decay, post-industrial ennui giving rise to shout-it-from-the-rooftops anger… the despair and danger is in equal measure as Hateful Abandon’s canvas sounds absolutely huge.”

Candlelight Records will present several multi-album collects throughout the new year from alumni label artists. The collections are a great avenue of introducing band’s earlier recordings to new fans. The first collection, Opeth/The Candlelight Years (featuring Orchid, Morningrise, and My Arms Your Hearse), was released in 2009 and has now sold over 25,000 copies. Collections set for release January 13 include:

Norway’s 1349 spent their initial years with Candlelight Records, releasing their initial trilogy of records – Liberation, Beyond the Apocalypse, and Hellfire – before delivering their fourth and final for the label, Revelations of the Black Flame in 2009. Following the release of the band’s latest album, Massive Cauldron of Chaos (Season of Mist), Candlelight presents a special collector’s series featuring each of the band’s Candlelight releases plus full-length concert Hellvetia Fire.

Finland’s Insomnium released four albums for Candlelight before signing with Century Media in 2011. In the Halls of Awaiting, Since The Day All Came Down, Above the Weeping World, and Across the Dark combined have sold over 75,000 copies in North America. The Candlelight Years presents all four together for the band’s growing fanbase. The collection launches the upcoming new year for the band who are still touring in support of their latest album, Shadows of the Dying Sun.

Lifesblood For The Downtrodden put end to a four year recording hiatus for Crowbar when it was originally released in 2005. Pantera’s Rex Brown and original Crowbar drummer Craig Nunenmacher united with founder/vocalist/guitarist Kirk Weinstein to record what Exclaim Magazine said, “will go down in doom history as one of their best.” Celebrating ten years since release, Candlelight Records has partnered the album with the live performance dvd Live: With Full Force in a limited digipak edition.

Additional artists planned for Candlelight’s alumni collections in 2015 include: Blut Aus Nord, Daylight Dies, Emperor, Anaal Nathrakh, Abigail Williams, and Throne of Katarsis.

All new releases from Candlelight Records beginning January 1 will be distributed exclusively in the United States by RED Music and in Canada via Sony Music Canada. Candlelight’s extensive catalog will also be handled by RED Music/Sony Music Canada effective January 1.