Marcus Losbjer and Stefan Zell formed Wolverine in 1995, and before long Stefan’s younger brother Mikael joined the band. In the early days the band played melodic death metal, but by the time Wolverine recorded the band’s fourth demo, Fervent Dream, the music had evolved into melodic progressive metal mixed with some “growl-vocals”, an element kept since the band’s earlier days. Shortly after the release of Fervent Dream the band was signed by Zizania Entertainment Group. Through Zizania the band released a partly re-recorded version of Fervent Dream as a mini-CD in November 1999. That same month they also performed outside Sweden for the first time in their career. Fervent Dream was received amazingly well by both media and audience. The band got amazing reviews and the CD soon sold out.

During 2000 the band signed on to a label called Emerald Factory, which resulted in a re-release of Fervent Dream in April 2001. In July 2001, the band recorded their debut full-length album The Window Purpose at Spacelab studio in Kempen, Germany, together with Oliver Philipps and Christian “Moschus” Moos, both members of progressive metal band Everon. In the autumn of 2001, the band parted ways with Emerald Factory and it was decided that the album would be released through DVS Records instead. A new bassplayer, Thomas Jansson, also joined the band at this time since Stefan had decided to focus solely on vocals. The Window Purpose received an overwhelming reception by the fans and media. Wolverine also did a short European tour together with Canadian band Into Eternity.

In 2002 the band signed to Elitist Records, a sub-label of Earache Records. Wolverine recorded Cold light of Monday during 2003. It proved that Wolverine was a band that wasn’t afraid to try out different approaches with their music. The album scored high points in several of Europe’s leading music magazines. 2005 saw the re-release of The Window Purpose, remastered and with a newly recorded version of the song “Again”, which originally appeared on Fervent Dream. During the summer of 2005 the band, once again, went to Germany and the Spacelab studio to record the album Still. During the recording sessions Wolverine and Earache Records parted ways, but the band soon signed on to Candlelight Records for the release of Still in June 2006. During spring that same year Per Henriksson joined Wolverine as the band’s new keyboard player.

Still proved to be a huge success for the band. The album earned some great reviews (amongst them Wolverine’s first 5/5 in Kerrang! magazine) and sold better than any of the band’s previous albums. Wolverine also did a short UK tour together with Anathema in September 2006.

Due to some complicated personal developments within the band during 2007/2008 Wolverine almost came to a halt. However, the band performed occasional gigs and continued to write new material, but it all went really slow and the chemistry within the band wasn’t very good. Time, as well as the process of writing songs, healed wounds that needed to be healed and it was soon obvious that the new material was far too good to be forgotten on a few demo-tapes. The band decided to record what would become Communication Lost, the band’s fifth studio effort.

The recording of the album took place on various locations around Sweden during the first half of 2010, and it was mixed by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios in Denmark. Once the album was mastered by Eroc the release date for Communication Lost was set to May 23, 2011.



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