Shade Empire

Unspeakably brutal guitar patterns, multi-layered and yet beautiful synth walls, ingeninous arrangements combined with electronics, devastating drum parts, complex bass assaults and the unique vocals coming straight from the deep pits of Hell!

Formed in Kuopio Finland 1999, Shade Empire has developed its totally own genre. After three demos they inked deal with italian Avantgarde Records. Soon after that Shade Empire was ready to record the first full lenght album titled as Sinthetic (2004). Sinthetic got praising reviews from all over the world and also the fanbase grew up enormously worldwide!

In January 2006 Shade Empire entered the famous Studio Perkele to record follower to Sinthetic. In May 2006 Shade Empire unleashed the next album, Intoxicate O.S. Intoxicate O.S was a huge success. In its opening week it achieved pos. 25 at the Official Finnish Charts! Couple weeks before that the debut single “Slitwrist Ecstacy” entered pos. 3 at the Official Finnish Single Chart!

Summer ‘06 was quite hectic time to band as it played several gigs and festival-shows in Finland and that hectity continued to long autumn due to fact that Shade Empire was chosen to headline Popkomm’s Metal Evening held in Berlin, October ’06!

In spring 2007 Shade Empire started to write new material and did only a few, well-selected shows during that time (i.e Tuska Metal Festival). In October ’07 band entered Studio 33 to record their third attack!

Third attack, Zero Nexus was a concept album and it was taking whole band to new dimensions! Album was released in spring 2008 and it raged to position 15 at the official finnish charts! After the release band toured in Finland and did successful shows for example in Tuska Open Air 2008 and the main stage of Nummirock.

Year 2008 concluded in European tour with Unleashed, Krisiun and One Man Army And The Undead Quartet. The tour was a success and the fans over Europe were left aching for more!

Recordings for their massive fourth album called Omega Arcane are now finished. The album consists of 11 songs and over 74 minutes! Omega Arcane is massive, heavily orchestrated concept album. It will seriously put their sound to whole new level.



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