Traveling deftly amidst aural perceptions of reality, the dual-force of Philadelphia’s Sadgiqacea beckons. Their unrelenting and passionate quest into the realm of heavy music has led them to develop a diverse and unique sonic palette, drawing from all of the superior aspects of true underground metal. While the name Sadgiqacea (pronounced sad-juh-kay-sha) may sound and look unusual to most, its meaning represents the elements of the earth and the universe. It contains their guitar tuning (ADGCEA) as well as elements of astronomy, biology, and the human experience. In short, it stands for the powerful phenomenon that is our existence, and the connection we all share with the universe as a whole.

Both musically and artistically, they are a melting pot of influence, drawing from a multitude of dark sub-genres to synthesize their own unique sound. They are fueled by the many ideologies of the pivotal underground musicians that preceded them. They manipulate the elements of heavy music as if they were colors of paint, with the skillful ability to choose freely among them. Their songs are full of different sonic textures, achieved through lush effects pedal soundscapes, cacophonous vocals, devastating riffs, and bludgeoning drums. Their ability to recreate the tension and catharsis of the Multiverse specially for our trodden minds and sodden souls is a feat worthy of immense praise.

They have a strong work ethic as a band, and as individuals. They are avid, hard working DIY road warriors with optimistic hearts and open minds. Being artists as well as musicians, they are fully involved in all aspects of the underground. Having toured the United States with their brothers Ominous Black and Hivelords on multiple occasions, they have connected with many like minded bands and established a loyal and respectful following. With support from the Philadelphia-based label Anthropic Records, they have had the means to make their visions come to life. They are ecstatic to bring you their full length debut,
False Prism.



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