French Industrial Black Metal horde Reverence was born in 1998 and released a few demos and splits in between 2001 and 2004 (“Decorporation” with Blut Aus Nord in 2003 probably being their most famous one) In September 2005, seven years after their birth, Reverence recorded their debut album, titled Industrial Mental Concept, soon after released by French label Dead Sun Records.

In early 2007, while the band was taking part in a new split album again featuring French comrades Blut Aus Nord through UK label PanikTerrorMusik, they got signed by Avantgarde Music and in 2007 released Chamber of Divine Elaboration.

At the beginning of 2009, the band signed with Osmose Productions for his new album Inactive Theocracy. This opus was recorded at the Drudenhaus Studio with Neb Xort of Anorexia Nervosa.

In 2010 Candlelight Records concluded a deal with Reverence for the band’s next opus, The Asthenic Ascension.

The band had this to say about signing to Candlelight Records, “After 12 years of adventure and three albums, Reverence is proud to announce his signing with Candlelight Records. The band took advantage of this new way to enter in another dimension of his universe. After the trilogy (Industrial Mental Concept, Chamber of Divine Elaboration, Inactive Theocracy), Reverence pushes its limits further into violence and introspection.”



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