Pet Slimmers Of The Year

The full-length debut from this UK trio transcends any one genre. Combining multi-layered guitars, hypnotic bass-lines, crushing riffs and groove oriented drum patterns to create a live sound much greater than the sum of it’s components, the instrumental band bring a fresh sound and approach that is bound to find an immediate audience.

Founded 2008 in Peterborough after the dissolution of previous musical projects, Pet Slimmers of the Year quickly established their distinctive sound via their 2009 self-titled ep. The recording gained the band rave reviews around the online circuit and a healthy underground following. This would lead to the demand for a second ep, And The Sky Fell (2011). Well-received, the band would set out playing live at any opportunity. The always appreciative audiences began to grow and momentum was building.

Now with a the benefit of a solid production, courtesy of Jonny Renshaw (Devil Sold His Soul) at Bandit Studios, Pet Slimmers of the Year are proud to present Fragments of Uniform.



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