Lord Mantis

Standing amidst of yet apart from the hipster charm of Chicago’s Wicker Park six points emerges a beast of rebellion and fury. Lord Mantis emit spells of hellish frequencies from a center of hatred in themselves both honest in integrity and justified by pursuit.

Lord Mantis first began as a sludge attack consisting of only Bill Bumgardner (also in Indian) on drums and Greg Gomer at guitars which later evolved into a more defined sound with the addition of Charlie Fell (also in Nachtmystium, Avichi) on bass and vocals. The early Period Face EP put them on board in the sludge and metal scene in 2007, and they began touring the underground of American soil while beginning their work on a full-length. In 2008 and with most of a full-length written, Andrew (Drew) Markuszewski (Nachtmystium, main member of Avichi) was asked to join and further build upon their sound musically and lyrically before entering the studio. Spawning the Nephilim was recorded and engineered by Sanford Parker in 2008 and released on Seventh Rule Records in 2009 with Lambgoat.com calling it “The definition of extreme music.”

After the first full-length’s release and subsequent DIY tours, new compositions would manifest as Andrew Markuszewski’s musicianship and technique combined with Lord Mantis’ vision of guttural-guitar swayings, pounding percussion, and sinister vocals. The result would be a ferocious and engaging sound unlike anything else taking place in any particular metal scene to date. The enjoined vocals and lyrics of Charlie and Drew would further enforce the uneasiness and hatred emanating from their cold and demeaning compositions. With Sanford Parker once again behind the board, a demo of this new material was recorded and passed around abroad while Charlie and Drew extensively toured with Nachtmystium in 2010. It would eventually land Lord Mantis a new home with Candlelight Records. Amid the collapse of the world, individual despair, and the ever broadening increase of human deception and madness, Lord Mantis is setting the stage for the apocalypse with ever greater force and willpower.

Prepare for a gruesome yet epic sound with the release of their first full-length on Candlelight in 2011.



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