King Parrot

“I’ve never felt so personally threatened by a record before” Tom Volcanis – Hysteria Magazine – December 2012

It’s quotes and comments like these circulating in music circles that earned King Parrot the reputation as the most lethal and extreme new band in Australia of 2012. After two years, several national tours, an EP and many hours confined to a tour bus, the result is the debut long player, aptly titled Bite Your Head Off – and the album does exactly that.

Produced by Jason Fuller (Blood Duster, Dern Rutlidge) and Adam Calaitzis (Damaged, Abramelin), King Parrot managed to capture the raw intensity of their live shows on tape. They defy genres with a cross section assault on thrash, grind, punk and hardcore and back it up with a brutally entertaining live show. Bite Your Head Off was released in Australia late 2012 through Impedance Records, and will be released worldwide in May 2013 through legendary extreme metal label Candlelight Records.

“Shit on the Liver” is the first single and has been launched as a video, and already hailed as one of the best Australian metal videos of all time. The track also appears as a split 7” single with Australian metal legends Frankenbok. The release of the video and album coupled with the frantic, high energy live show has made King Parrot the most revered metal band in Australia.

Huge support from Australia’s best rock and metal stations like JJJ and MMM has grown the strength and popularity of the band since its inception on the live touring scene in 2011. King Parrot has already shared the stage with bands like Obituary, Forbidden, Macabre, Eyehategod, Rotten Sound, Psycroptic and Warbringer.

After a hugely successful tour in South East Asia, where Obscene Extreme festival organizer Curby proudly proclaimed after the Jakarta festival performance “it’s one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen”, King Parrot are primed to take on the world. Two major Australian tours are planned with Thy Art is Murder and Cattle Decapitation in June, and then Psycroptic in July/August. Europe and the rest of the world can expect to see King Parrot for the first time late in 2013 and beyond.



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