Horned Almighty

With three acclaimed albums and a live album etc. behind them, Danish Black Metallers Horned Almighty is preparing to enter the studio to record, what will become their fourth album, entitled Necro Spirituals. An album comprised of the strongest and most fierce material written in the bands 8 year existence. Yet again, crushing all doctrines and rules with their don’t-give-a-shit take on black metal, as a testament to all that is extreme.

Originally formed in early 2002 by S. and Hellpig, both active in the extreme metal underground since the early nineties, the filthy ugly beast that is Horned Almighty was puked from the gutters of Hell initially as a duo. First intended as a side project, Horned Almighty quickly became first priority and shortly after the first primitive demo had been recorded, the drum-throne was seized by Harm. Rehearsing began for yet another demo, which in late 2003 ended up in the recording of four hellish songs in the bands own recording studio, Vomit, a true shithole.

Before releasing the demo, some labels were approached with the material and Infernus Rex from the Netherlands released the material as a 7” EP, called In the Year of our Horned Lord, in April 2004. At the same time, the bastard cult of Horned Almighty had their first live performance, featuring a session bass player, and sharing the stage with prominent names such as Dismember and Carpathian Forest. In the summer of 2004 four filthy new songs were puked onto tape and released as the split LP To The Lord Our Lives by Hearse Records. Moribund Records from the US did the CD version shortly thereafter.

At the same time rehearsing began for what was to become the first full-length album and the Black Metal Jesus album was recorded in the autumn 2004, once again in Vomit Studios. Infernus Rex released the album in November 2004 and the underground seemed to embrace Horned Almighty’s, at the time, quite different take on the black metal phenomenon. A video for the song “Satanic Fatherland” was plotted and the recording took place at a local gig, which also featured new member Aries from French act Black Dementia on strings. After a mini tour with Danish death metal veterans Exmortem, a new video for the song ”Terror Soul” was shot and chopped by fellow fanatics.

Late 2005, rehearsals for a new album began and it was recorded, once again, in Vomit Studios in February 2006. In April 2006 the second album The Devils Music – Songs of Death and Damnation was released, again by Infernus Rex, receiving overwhelming reviews from the underground and metal media, both because of the well crafted songs, energetic production and the highly provocative and blasphemous cover artwork. The album sold quite well and got Horned Almighty playing several festivals in Germany, sharing the stage with the likes of DHG, Lord Belial, Azaghal, and many more…

The band’s performance on the United Metal Maniacs festival in Germany in 2007 was incidentally recorded and the true ferocity of the concert resulted in the Live Exsanguination 10” live LP. The third and latest album Contaminating the Divine took quite a bit longer to write than the previous albums. A lot more energy and time were put into crafting this ugly abomination and the effort paid off. Nine brutal and diverse hymns were recorded for the album and for the first time, the band recorded outside their shithole Vomit Studios and spent time in several studios tracking the album. Outside help was acquired for the mixing and mastering, which was handled by Jacob Bredahl (ex-Hatesphere) in his Smart’n’hard Studio and the result was astonishing. Mixing the primitivism of Celtic Frost with the aggression of Discharge and the ugliness of Autopsy, all drenched in the eerie and disturbing rot of early nineties black metal. As one fan noted: ”This sounds like a fucking Missouri-class canon shot at the Vatican!”

Contaminating the Divine was released in February 2009 as a joint effort by the two German labels Obscure Abhorrence and Art of Propaganda and received even more praise than its predecessor and got top reviews all around.



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