Based in Glasgow, the duo known as Falloch are a growing glimmer on the shoegazer black metal horizon. Andy Marshall and Scott McLean came together with the desire to create music that conveys atmosphere and emotion utilizing an expansive backdrop of styles and sounds. Metal, post-rock, folk, with minimalist composers Yann Tiersen, and Arvo Pärt all factor in to the inspirations that drive the songs contained on Where Distant Spirits Remain.

Recording of the debut started in 2010 and was completed when Ronan Chris Murphy (Ulver, King Crimson) signed on handle the finishing touches of the album. The duo plan to make Falloch a full band; they are currently looking to recruit additional members so that they can take their music on the road and build their fanbase.

Alternative Matter already calls the record, “a majestic effort in the atmospheric field of metal.”



  • This Island, Our Funeral (2015) – BUY
  • Where Distant Spirits Remain (2011) – BUY

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