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WOE: Black Metal Antagonists Announce Live Assaults

Black metal antagonists Woe are pleased to announce a bout of live assaults next month. Scheduled to commence September 6 and run through September 22, the latest run marks the band’s lengthiest tour of their career. Woe will be joined by genre-crushing co-headliners Inter Arma.

Elaborates vocalist/guitarist Chris Grigg of the trek, “Not only is this Woe’s longest tour to date, it is almost entirely new ground for us. We couldn’t be more appreciative for this opportunity to ruin so many beautiful cities and their charming populations. We are especially glad to be teaming up with Inter Arma, one of our favorite bands in the American metal scene.”

Woe September Tour Dates:

  • 9/06/2013 Strange Matter – Richmond, VA @ Fall Line Festival w/ Inter Arma, Thou, Earthling
  • 9/07/2013 Milestone Club – Charlotte, NC ***
  • 9/08/2013 Brookland Tavern – Columbia, SC
  • 9/09/2013 The Masquerade/2013 Purgatory – Atlanta, GA
  • 9/10/2013 Caledonia – Athens, GA
  • 9/11/2013 Static Age Records – Asheville, NC
  • 9/12/2013 Stone Fox – Nashville, TN
  • 9/13/2013 Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN
  • 9/14/2013 TBA – West Virginia
  • 9/15/2013 The Brass Rail – Fort Wayne, IN
  • 9/16/2013 Frank’s Power Plant – Milwaukee, WI
  • 9/17/2013 Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL
  • 9/18/2013 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH
  • 9/19/2013 Oberlin College – Oberlin, OH
  • 9/20/2013 Corktown Tavern – Detroit, MI ***
  • 9/21/2013 Gorham Brothers Music – Syracuse, NY ***
  • 9/22/2013 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY ***
  • *** No Inter Arma

Woe will be touring in support of their latest album, Withdrawal. Called “a staggeringly diverse album,” by City Paper, and “Woe’s greatest triumph to date,” by Decibel, Withdrawal was unleashed last Spring via Candlelight Records. The seven track offering was produced by Grigg and continues to reap critical accolades from fans and media alike. Pitchfork crowned the record one of this year’s “most irrepressible and energized metal records,” adding that “Woe plays with an urgency that suggests they have a chip on their collective shoulder and a point to prove,” while Cvlt Nation calls it, “exceptional, exciting and a definite landmark in the band’s career and the discography of USBM.” Adds Stereogum, “Withdrawal ups the power quotient by a mile.”


IHSAHN: Das Seelenbrechen Set For October Release

Candlelight Records today confirms October 22 as the North American release date for Das Seelenbrechen, the fifth solo album from Ihsahn. Das Seelenbrechen will be available on compact disc, a limited edition digibook (with expanded graphics and liner notes), and double 180-gram clear vinyl. Pre-orders are set to launch via online and physical retail outlets beginning September 10.

Das Seelenbrechen is a bold and adventurous recording that is a musical contrast to the progressive shades and saxophone augmentations of the former Emperor vocalist/guitarist’s previous two albums (2009′s After and 2011′s Eremita). The recording exists in an entirely unfamiliar sonic world as Ihsahn draws upon his most esoteric influences, fully embracing the spirit of the avant-garde. Comprising ten vivid but disparate explorations in sound that range from bittersweet electronica to deranged and feral improvisation, Das Seelenbrechen is every bit as dark and destructive as the artist’s previous work but is far more disorientating and disturbing than anything he has attempted in his past.

“Musically, this album is a very deliberate sidestep to what I have been doing; a necessity to reset the creative parameters so not to fall into formula,” shares Ihsahn. “I think I do my best work slightly outside of my comfort zone and I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. Free form and improvisational can be scary for a musician but it is very liberating at the same time.”

Recorded at his own studio in Norway in collaboration with drummer Tobias Ornes Anderson (Leprous), Das Seelenbrechen courageously eschews traditional metal instrumentation in favor of a limitless textural landscape that evokes the freewheeling spirit of artists like Diamanda Galas, Scott Walker, and John Zorn. In discussing the album Ihsahn notes, “even though my music has changed over the years, I feel there is a source of inspiration at the bottom of it all that is constant. The general idea for this album was to try and dig deep into this raw source and express it without too much refinery and do so within a less familiar musical landscape. It is the reason for several purely improvised songs and parts on this album. I spontaneously performed with just lyrics and the idea of the atmosphere I was wishing to create. While many will feel it sounds different, I don’t think it is necessarily different from my previous album. And in my head, it will fit in perfectly with my plans for the sixth album.”

Das Seelenbrechen takes its name from Nietzche’s famed Human, All Too Human: A Book of Free Spirits. Writings by the 19th century philosopher and other historical figures have often found their way into Ihsahn’s songwriting. “The title is taken from one of his aphorisms on art and how, in its purest form, is neither good nor bad,” says Ihsahn. The album’s abstract packaging, again conceived by Spanish graphic artist Ritxi Ostariz, embraces the aphorisms essence.

Few artists in modern heavy music have created such an extraordinary and unique body of work as Ihsahn. Having refined and redefined black metal with the now legendary Emperor, Norway’s foremost musical extremist has spent the last decade establishing himself as a fearless and wildly idiosyncratic solo artist. “Of all my albums, my goals for this one have been the most abstract. I’ve had quite a rollercoaster ride putting it together but now that it is done I must say I am very pleased.”

Das Seelenbrechen Track Listing:

  • 1. Hilber
  • 2. Regen
  • 3. NaCl
  • 4. Pulse
  • 5. Tacit 2
  • 6. Tacit
  • 7. Rec
  • 8. M
  • 9. Sub Alter
  • 10. See
  • 11. Entropie (bonus)
  • 12. Hel (bonus)